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1.15.2 (and later) - libs folder for obfuscated jars

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Hey, guys and gals!


In times of 1.12.2 there was a possibility to put normal obfuscated mod jar file in ./libs directory to make its classes accessible within dev environment. In recent versions however, that doesn't work. Yes, I know that I can (and probably should) use maven dependencies to load deobf versions of needed mods, but what to do if I want to use mod, whose maven repository doesn't exist?

I've tried to use "compile fileTree(include: ['*.jar'], dir: 'libs')" which allows IDEA to see the internals of jars inside "libs" directory, but I cannot run the mod due to obfuscated names in jars, the same with local "flatDir" repo. Is it possible now at all?


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compile fg.deobf("blank:filename:fileversion")

should do what you need.

Make sure the libs/ is added as a flatDir repo.


The blank is needed, but it is ignored. Filename and fileversion are both taken from the actual name of the file, made by turning the last "-" character into a ":" - this usually means the typical "modid-1.15.2-1.0.jar" file becomes "blank:modid-1.15.2:1.0".


This creates a maven coordinate, which ForgeGradle uses to find the file.

It will likely not work without this.

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