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gradlew genEclipseRuns is stuck by 88%


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Hey guys i hope iam right here with my problem 

i instaled gradle v. 4.10.3 

and now i wanted to instal the rest of stuff for eclipse 
but it is stuck by 88% am 100% cpu 

here is the cmd code 


C:\Users\"NAME"\Desktop\Modding stuff\Programme\fist modd>gradlew genEclipseRun
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx1G
To honour the JVM settings for this build a new JVM will be forked. Please consider using the daemon: https://docs.gradle.org/4.10.3/userguide/gradle_daemon.html.
Daemon will be stopped at the end of the build stopping after processing

> Configure project :
Java: 13.0.2 JVM: 13.0.2+8(Oracle Corporation) Arch: amd64
New Dep: net.minecraftforge:forge:1.16.2-33.0.3_mapped_snapshot_20200514-1.16

> Task :genEclipseRuns
Setting up MCP environment
Initializing steps
Executing steps
 > Running 'downloadManifest'
 > Running 'downloadJson'
 > Running 'downloadClient'
 > Running 'downloadServer'
 > Running 'stripClient'
 > Running 'stripServer'
 > Running 'merge'
 > Running 'rename'
 > Running 'mcinject'
 > Running 'listLibraries'
 > Running 'AccessTransformer'
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx1G
[14:01:30] [main/INFO]: Access Transformer processor running version 1.0.5+4+02b7b69
[14:01:30] [main/INFO]: Command line arguments [--inJar, C:\Users\"NAME"\.gradle\caches\forge_gradle\minecraft_user_repo\mcp\1.16.2-20200812.004259\joined\mcinject\output.jar, --outJar, C:\Users\"NAME"\.gradle\caches\forge_gradle\minecraft_user_repo\mcp\1.16.2-20200812.004259\joined\AccessTransformer\output.jar, --atFile, C:\Users\"NAME"\AppData\Local\Temp\FG_ats_638523505542991170.cfg]
[14:01:30] [main/INFO]: Reading from C:\Users\"NAME"\.gradle\caches\forge_gradle\minecraft_user_repo\mcp\1.16.2-20200812.004259\joined\mcinject\output.jar
[14:01:30] [main/INFO]: Writing to C:\Users\"NAME"\.gradle\caches\forge_gradle\minecraft_user_repo\mcp\1.16.2-20200812.004259\joined\AccessTransformer\output.jar
[14:01:30] [main/INFO]: Transformer file C:\Users\"NAME"\AppData\Local\Temp\FG_ats_638523505542991170.cfg
[14:01:30] [main/WARN]: Found existing output jar C:\Users\"NAME"\.gradle\caches\forge_gradle\minecraft_user_repo\mcp\1.16.2-20200812.004259\joined\AccessTransformer\output.jar, overwriting
[14:01:33] [main/INFO]: JAR transformation complete C:\Users\"NAME"\.gradle\caches\forge_gradle\minecraft_user_repo\mcp\1.16.2-20200812.004259\joined\AccessTransformer\output.jar
 > Running 'SideStripper'
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx1G
 > Running 'decompile'
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx1G
<===========--> 88% EXECUTING [27s]
> :genEclipseRuns


ty for your help 

Edit: the 27s on the end sould be 10min 

Edited by ErdnussBuddha
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