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[1.16.1] Add mob drop to a vanilla mob


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Hello and good evening everyone,


I'm currently trying to add an extra mob drop to the Phantom entity and I'm not 100% sure what the intended or correct way is to add an extra loot pool to the existing loot table.


I know that there is the LootTableLoadEvent where I can add a new loot pool to a loot table, but from what I saw, I would need to set the loot pool values within the code instead of using a data file. It's very possible that I understand here something wrong, hinse I'm writing this forum post.


So I would like to add this extra loot pool with a data file, if it's possible. If this is not possible, is the other approach with the LootTableLoadEvent and the in code creation the intended way?

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Global Loot Modifiers are likely the best method, but to show another method, you can actually use data combined with a bit of code to add loot tables fairly easily. Here's how I do it.

Then you can just define a loot table connected to that RL with the same pool name and it's done.

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