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[1.15] How do I change the grass/leaf/foliage colour of a biome?


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Look at how vanilla biomes do it.

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The "Biomes" class. In Eclipse, vanilla source is in Referenced Libraries -> forgeSrc-xx-xxx_mapped_snapshot_xxx.jar

Not sure about IntelliJ

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    • I am using onlyIn to remind myself where this is executed. It doesn't create any issues, does it?
    • Do not use @OnlyIn. SSpawnObjectPacket only works for vanilla entities. You must use NetworkHooks.getEntitySpawningPacket.
    • public class MudWallBlockEntity extends Entity { private static final BlockState blockState = ModBlocks.TEMPORARY_DIRT_BLOCK.get().defaultBlockState(); private int height; private OneTimeRunnable finishJutsuOnce; private BlockPos startingBlockPos; private BlockPos endBlockPos; private BlockPos oldPos; private int ticks; public MudWallBlockEntity(EntityType<? extends MudWallBlockEntity> entityType, World level) { super(entityType, level); } @OnlyIn(Dist.CLIENT) public MudWallBlockEntity(EntityType<? extends MudWallBlockEntity> entityType, World level, BlockPos position, int height, OneTimeRunnable releaseJutsu) { super(entityType, level); this.startingBlockPos = position; this.endBlockPos = new BlockPos(startingBlockPos.getX(), height, startingBlockPos.getZ()); this.oldPos = position; this.height = height; this.finishJutsuOnce = releaseJutsu; this.setPos(position.getX(), position.getY(), position.getZ()); this.ticks = 0; } @Override protected void defineSynchedData() { } @Override protected void readAdditionalSaveData(@Nonnull CompoundNBT pCompound) { startingBlockPos = new BlockPos(pCompound.getInt("StartX"), pCompound.getInt("StartY"),pCompound.getInt("StartZ")); endBlockPos = new BlockPos(startingBlockPos.getX(), pCompound.getInt("Height"), startingBlockPos.getZ()); oldPos = new BlockPos(startingBlockPos.getX(), pCompound.getInt("CurrentHeight"), startingBlockPos.getZ()); } @Override protected void addAdditionalSaveData(@Nonnull CompoundNBT pCompound) { pCompound.putInt("StartX", startingBlockPos.getX()); pCompound.putInt("StartY", startingBlockPos.getY()); pCompound.putInt("StartZ", startingBlockPos.getZ()); pCompound.putInt("Height", height); pCompound.putInt("CurrentHeight", oldPos.getY()); } @Nonnull @Override public IPacket<?> getAddEntityPacket() { return new SSpawnObjectPacket(this, Block.getId(this.getBlockState())); } @Override public void tick() { LogManager.getLogger().info("ticks: " + ticks++ + " current " + blockPosition() + " old " + oldPos); if(blockPosition().equals(endBlockPos)){ if(finishJutsuOnce != null){ finishJutsuOnce.execute(); } remove(); return; } if(blockPosition().equals(oldPos.above())){ oldPos = blockPosition(); level.setBlockAndUpdate(blockPosition(), blockState); } setDeltaMovement(0, 0.1, 0); move(MoverType.SELF, getDeltaMovement()); } public BlockState getBlockState() { return blockState; } public BlockPos getStartingBlockPos() { return startingBlockPos; } @Override public boolean canBeCollidedWith() { return false; } @Override protected boolean canAddPassenger(Entity pPassenger) { return false; } @Override public boolean canChangeDimensions() { return false; } }  
    • Show the whole entity class.
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