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    • Yes I agree on some point. As a developer my self I'm quite understand how important of the structure. And I'm follow TechnoVision tutorial because it's very clear, straight to the point. Different from others, I don't need his explanation, I just want to know how to code in Minecraft Mod. Mmmm, like I know what class is, method is, contructor is, but I don't know how to construct a structure for modding Minecraft. Also as you said, may be I know a logic, but don't know a word for that in Minecraft, so watching him is fullfil what I need.   For example, when learning php, whenever I need something, then go to Google and it will show me the method (because php have a large community as the official page it self). But Minecraft Forge not, or is outdated. So I just need something quick, straight to the point. Hope you understand what I said.
    • I'm not good at json. Is there a template or a detailed explanation somewhere?
    • You already got a very exhaustive answer by diesieben07 in another post, i am sure i could not add anything more to what he already said. Yes, their code may work apparently, but they don't bother explaining why they do certain things and how the code works. People following these tutorial are most likely to just copy paste their code without really understanding what they are doing. So when their copy pasted code doesn't work because they made mistakes that simple java knowledge could solve they come here asking for help. Also when they want to achieve something they cannot find a tutorial for they find themselves absolutely lost and sometimes think that we have to give them the code packed and ready to be copied...i don't think you want to add ten different kind of ruby blocks to minecraft right? What if you want to do something more complex but you don't even know where to start because the tutorial you followed don't explain the hows and whys?
    • So can you provide a best practice Guide then? I don't know if they are bad practice, no explain code. But somehow, it work and we can follow to do something.
    • Nice, so that's it. This is too much but at least you show some proof (y)   And I think, people in this forum should declare at least 1 of other people mistake before back-talking. Also, i'm very triggered by the way you just said "No no abc is not good" but not show the author of this topic the answer. The general i'm seeing in this forum is alway "No no don't follow abc they're very bad, you should learn Java first and then learn Forge, search for relative topic,..." <= This sentence here not helpful at all, they're just only care about the answer. So If I have a link of a good tutorial, why not share them instead of talking like that?   That's my reason...
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