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Vanilla loot tables have been deleted


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When i open loot chests, from what i found mostly in nether fortresses, villages, and dungeons, there is just nothing there. it also seemed to have happened in quark chests found in caves. i used the "One Box" shown below, and village loot was just gone. the /loot command did work, and for some reason village blacksmith loot still existed, but basic village loot was gone. I believe that a mod was doing this, but when i removed a suspect one nothing changed. are there any commands or files i can delete to reset loot tables?


[removed image from reposting site - diesieben07]

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35 minutes ago, grandogrando said:

and i don't use 9minecraft

You linked an image from 9minecraft.


36 minutes ago, grandogrando said:

but how can i find the mod that deletes the loot tables?

You could go through the mods (jar files can be opened with any zip software like 7 zip) and check if they have a loot table JSON file in their data directory.

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