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    • Wow what is mean by TechnoVision-Style here? I'm just trying to learn the basic to the Minecraft Modding. Not by his style. And as I said, I'm very triggered by the way the people in this forum just said "No no techno is bad, ..." and no actual help at all?   It's fine then, real smart people will find their way by learning the basic like you guys suggest!
    • Your message needs to hold fields for the data that needs to be sent over. This data needs to be encoded and decoded from the PacketBuffer in the respective methods.
    • There have been no personal attacks here. The criticism is that you should not be making tutorials on Youtube if you don't know what you are doing. If you (as in @DontTalkIfDontHelp) learn best from "TechnoVision-Style" tutorials: SURE! Go ahead, use them. The criticism is that TechnoVision (not just him specifically, TurtyWurty is another, although I have not looked at his stuff much) promotes bad coding practices or even code that is flat out wrong.
    • I've read the docs and coded with reference to the existing mod code, but there are many things I don't understand. What should I put in with () of sendToClient of DepressionModPacketHandler? Also, I don't know what to do with encode, decode, and handle of PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage.   public class DepressionModPacketHandler { private static final String PROTOCOL_VERSION = "1"; //プロトコルのバージョンを宣言 public static final SimpleChannel INSTANCE = NetworkRegistry.newSimpleChannel( //INSTANCEに=の右側以下をぶち込む new ResourceLocation(DepressionMod.MOD_ID, "main"), () -> PROTOCOL_VERSION, //プロトコルのバージョンをぶち込む PROTOCOL_VERSION::equals, //クライアントのバージョンとPROTOCOL_VERSIONを比較? PROTOCOL_VERSION::equals); //サーバーのバージョンとPROTOCOL_VERSIONを比較? //パケットの登録 public static void packetRegister() { INSTANCE.registerMessage( 0, //パケットの識別子 PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage.class, //実際のパケットクラス PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage::encode, //エンコード PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage::decode, //デコード PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage::handle); //メッセージ自体の処理 } public static void sendToClient(Object message, PlayerEntity player) { INSTANCE.send(PacketDistributor.PLAYER.with(null), new PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage()); } } package depressionmod.network; import java.util.function.Supplier; import net.minecraft.network.PacketBuffer; import net.minecraftforge.fml.network.NetworkEvent; public class PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage { public static void encode(PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage message, PacketBuffer buf) { } public static PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage decode(PacketBuffer buf) { return null; } public static void handle(PlayerMentalCapabilityMessage msg, Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> ctx) { } }  
    • Actually I've learn to make my thing now. Not the thing like change name or texture, I'm follow him to learn what is Item, Block, event and atleast how to make them first. And for my sake, copy is just what I need, because it's fast and I understand what he's trying to do. Agree that his code is not best practice.   "you learn THE ONE THING" as like above, no! I learnt a lot from just 1 video. But now i've relize that it's not best practice. So can you provide the correct way to do thing? Or a document/correct tutorial? That's the point everyone want to know. Instead of just personal attack.
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