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    • The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class net.minecraft.util.registry.Registry Exit Code: -1
    • Independent time streams are quite difficult as technically, each player would need it's own server thread that can scale at will and then playback to the main server thread such that the information can be synced correctly. There are problems with this though because then you get into the paradox of changing the past and not knowing what yet happens in the future with other players. You can slow the main clock time, but all players will be affected whenever this occurs. So, there's not really a good way of making a multiplayer version of this viable. Possible, anything really is with enough thought. However, viability is not something I would recommend in any case unless this was for singleplayer only. Apologies if this wasn't the answer you were looking for.
    • Hi, I have noticed a weird bug which I am 99% sure is Forge related as I have not noticed this issue when playing in vanilla Minecraft 1.16.x. I have also never experienced this issue with previous versions of Forge and only noticed it in 1.16.x. This bug will probably be hard to reproduce, but I'll try to explain my situation as best as possible.   I have a server that runs a custom game mode using a datapack. Basically, I use armor stands to keep track of spawn points, and each armor stand has a "map" score associated with it so that players don't accidentally get sent to the wrong map. This system has always worked fine, however I have noticed that when I try to run my server with Forge 1.16.x, these scores will randomly be reset. I'm not sure exactly when the scores reset, but I've noticed that it tends to happen after playing a game on a particular map only for the spawn point entities on that map, which results in players not being sent to a spawn point for subsequent games on that map. I have never encountered this issue with prevoius versions of Forge, and this does not happen on a vanilla server. I am also not sure whether or not other entity scores get reset as these are the only ones that I have noticed.   I don't need Forge to run my world, but I like to have it installed so I can use tools such as WorldEdit, and this just seems really odd; I have no idea why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.
    • Hey there guys! I'm making a combat-style mod that has ridiculously high speed combat (think superhuman reflexes stuff).   I wanted a level system for a sort of "reflex level" or something, and I have a general idea for how to do that, but I want the player to have the ability to change their perception speed based on that level (like in superhot, when you slow down time). My first idea is creating a potion effect to handle all of this, and use the levels for that, but how does one actually go about changing the time speed of minecraft at all, let alone syncing it to a server??? I found a mod that does something kind of like this, by changing the tickrate of the game, should I be trying to do the same?  Is this even possible?   A nudge in the right direction would help.
    • Not according to the log you provided, please provide debug.log
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