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Recreating pr


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I've made a pr a few days ago, but I was dumb that I made the changes directly to the 1.16.x branch of the forked repository, and that means if I want to make another pr which is on another branch I've specifically created, it will have the files changed and the commits of other contents. Since I can't really create two forks, the only way I can think of is cancel the pr, re-setup my fork and local repo, and create the pr again. But apparently it causes the maintainer's trouble. Is there a way to fix this?


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git remote add upstream git@github.com:MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge.git # assuming you use SSH, otherwise use the HTTPS URL
git checkout -b mycoolfeaturebranch upstream/1.16.x
git push -u origin mycoolfeaturebranch


You now have the state of the "original" 1.16.x branch in the Forge repo as "mycoolfeaturebranch" locally and pushed as mycoolfeaturebranch to your Forge fork.

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