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    • Please provide debug.log (more info on where it is and how to provide it in my signature below, just expand the spoiler)
    • I had the same issue. First make sure you have the latest version of Java installed then use Jarfix. Doing this fixed the issue for me and made it so I could just double click the file to open the installer. All Jarfix does is fix the file association for .JAR files. ¬† Here's the link to jarfix. https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
    • What mods are you using ?
    • You have to run the forge jar and not the minecraft_server one. ¬†
    • Hi there! I am currently running a 1.16.5 Forge Survival server and have an idea for a mod that I would like to pay someone with experience to create for my server. ¬† Mod idea: A PvP focused mod that incentivizes combat. ¬† Mod¬†name idea: PvP Bounties ¬† -A player that has not killed anyone has their name in GREEN above their head. -A player that has killed someone has their name in RED above their head (Resets to GREEN after 72¬†hours of no player killing). *When a RED player hits 3¬†unique kills (cannot farm the same person) a waypoint is set for everyone online with their position. (A bounty // marked with a red skull). *If any other player GREEN or RED kills the marked bounty player they are rewarded. Reward¬†items drop from bounty player on death.¬†(Rewards scale with the amount of kills bounty player has without a death). **Bounty player with 3¬†unique kills rewards: 1x player head, 2x diamonds, 10exp levels // Bounty player with 5 unqiue¬†kills rewards: 1x player head,¬†5x diamonds, 30exp levels // Bounty player with 10¬†unique kills rewards: 1x player head, 1x¬†Pig¬†Spawner, 2x Netherite Ingots, 5x diamonds, 50exp levels // Bounty player with 15+ unique kills rewards: 1x player head, 1x Mooshroom Spawner, 20x Netherite Ingots, 15x diamonds, 150exp levels. ¬† -If a RED player with a bounty on them has not been killed by another player within 2 hours a new mob called the "Assassin" will hunt them down. ¬† Assassin Mob: ¬† -Spawns in RED bounty players chunk, hostile only to player for which it spawned, sees player regardless of distance away. -The Assassin spawns with the same bounty loot table the RED player with a bounty current has. -If the Assassin kills it's target no bounty loot is dropped from the RED player with the bounty, the Assassin the despawns. World message when killed - "Bobby was stabbed to death by an Assassin". -If the Assassin is killed it's loot is dropped and the Assassin spawn timer starts again. (An Assassin may spawn every 2 hours as long as the RED player still has an active bounty). -Spawns with 80 health, visually resembling a custom pillager¬†// Wields new weapon called the "Assassins Dagger", visually a shorter iron sword with a posion tip, 2 Attack speed - 7¬†Attack damage - Poisions the target (Drops on defeat). -Moves at speed of¬†a baby zombie // Shares zombie ability to break down doors. -Assassins Dagger can be crafted with. 1x stick, 1x iron ingot, 1x potion of poision, 1x potion of harming, 1x nether star ¬† Manually set a bounty: ¬† -To set a bounty place any sign anywhere in the world and write in line 2 "Set bounty" in line 3 "PLAYERNAME". If the sign is destroyed the bounty is cancelled. Sign despawns when target player dies. -Any player GREEN or RED can put a bounty on another player. If a GREEN player sets a bounty on anyone they become a RED player. -These player made bounties mark the targeted player the same way however have a diffrent loot table: 1x player head, 3x emralds,¬†10exp levels. -If someone sets a bounty on another player a message in the chat will say so - example "Bobby has placed a bounty on Bob's head". -Each player can only set 1 bounty at a time, and they cannot place an additional bounty after one ends on the same player. 4 hour cool down. -Assassins operate the same way with these bounties. ¬† ¬† Really looking forward to connecting with an expereince creator that wants to make this possible! Will pay you fairly for your development.
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