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Any Updated 1.16.x good sources on modding?


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I've been trying to get into forge modding for minecraft for years now, and I've always been having a hard time. Mainly because it's so hard to find good resources to study through, they are mostly incomplete or outdated...

I've found a couple of good videos on SilentChaos512 youtube channel, but it seems he doesn't update very frequently.

I've tried making some stuff for myself, and from studying the code from the snowball and the TNTEntity I managed to make a throwable dynamite stick (very cliche, I know), but I still having a hard time on using the Deferred registry to register Entities, and there are still so much knowlodge lacking that I just can't find consistence sources on.
What sources did you use to learn? and what are some good updated sources? (I've read the forge docs, they seem very incomplete and still attached to some stuff from older versions).

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