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[UNSOLVED] Adding a new method to a base class, without changing it?


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It sounds quite confusing, and I assume the answer isn't simple, but I would like to know if there is a way I can add a method to Block.class without actually changing the class itself?


Can I add said method to Block.class via one of my classes I've added?


Thanks in advance


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Just add the method to the block(s) you need it on :)


I think the idea is that he wants the function on vanilla blocks as well.

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The best thing to do would be to file in to lex or overmind to ask for new methods, OR you could make a mod for the base code(A.K.A make a new class with the same name as other and change methods then recompile) then, rename that new class to the name of the class it is replacing, (for example, 3letters.class = blocks.java) then make sure you have that as your dependencies in your mod(in the @Mod area)


Hope this helps!

The Korecraft Mod

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I've solved it!

I didn't need to add it to Block.class afterall, I was just using the wrong type of method...




Thanks for your replies anyway!




I haven't fixed it.


My method, in case you need it:

public static void setTextureType(Block block, String name) {
setTextureType(block, name);


And I've called it in my main class:

TextureTypes type = new TextureTypes();
type.setTextureType(BlockAzurite, "azurite");

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If you are trying to make a modular texture pack, heres the code:


In clientside file(any of them)

public static String azurite = "ModName:.png file name(no .png on end)";

place the texture in your src for MCP

/src/mods/ModName/textures/file name.png

then when exporting mod, put the /mods folder into the minecraft.jar to give textures


In your block file:

public void registerIcons(IconRegister iconRegister)
	blockIcon = iconRegister.registerIcon(ClientsideFile.azurite);

The Korecraft Mod

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