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[1.16.3] [SOLVED] One-Sided Mod


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Basically the title, I'm just trying to figure out what to do to get this working in a 1.16.3 mod, I was going to use the snippet from the documentation, but it doesn't work in 1.16, anyone have an updated version?

(here's the snippet from the docs)

ModLoadingContext.get().registerExtensionPoint(ExtensionPoint.DISPLAYTEST, () -> Pair.of(() -> FMLNetworkConstants.IGNORESERVERONLY, (a, b) -> true));


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38 minutes ago, yeah123456789 said:

What did you mean by "check your imports" because im also having the same issue in 1.16.3

If you copy and paste the line directly and try to add imports automatically, the IDE assumes that the lambda inside is invalid first and doesn't apply the imports. So you will need to manually add the imports in or force the automatic import somewhere else.

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