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    • Config files are not loaded that early on purpose. They are only available from FMLCommonSetupEvent and later. From your config names I guess you want to conditionally register your items - this is a big reason why config files are not available that early. Do not conditionally register things. Always register all your items, blocks, etc.
    • ?   Now you are spawning the entity on both client and server. You need to check World#isRemote and only spawn it on the server.   @EventBusSubscriber is fine, you just need to user static methods with it.
    • ObfuscationReflectionHelper has javadocs. SRG names can be obtained from forge-bot on the Forge discord.   No, because SIGN_MATERIALS is copied into ModelBakery.LOCATIONS_BUILTIN_TEXTURES in Atlases.collectAllMaterials which is called from ModelBakery static init, which happens way before this event. Any changes to SIGN_MATERIALS later will be ignored. You'd have to also add it to LOCATIONS_BUILTIN_TEXTURES, but I don't know if that would even be enough - worth a try though.  
    • I've been trying to get a config file working for my mod so that certain armor sets can be disabled. I followed a tutorial i found on youtube, however it doesnt seem to be working.   It seems that i am always getting the default value for each option, rather than the one in the config file.   My config class is as follows:   import net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeConfigSpec; import net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeConfigSpec.BooleanValue; import org.apache.commons.lang3.tuple.Pair; public class ArmorConfig { public static class Common { public final BooleanValue enableOakWood; public final BooleanValue enableBirchWood; public final BooleanValue enableJungleWood; public final BooleanValue enableSpruceWood; public final BooleanValue enableDarkOakWood; public final BooleanValue enableAcaciaWood; public final BooleanValue enableCactus; public final BooleanValue enableObsidian; public final BooleanValue enableMagma; public final BooleanValue enableMelon; public final BooleanValue enableQuartz; public final BooleanValue enableBone; public final BooleanValue enableMolten; public final BooleanValue enablePumpkin; public final BooleanValue enablePhantom; public final BooleanValue enableGhost; public final BooleanValue enableCryingObsidian; public final BooleanValue enableIce; public final BooleanValue enableSnow; public final BooleanValue enableGlowstone; public final BooleanValue enablePrismarineShard; public final BooleanValue enablePrismarineCrystal; public final BooleanValue enableHoneycomb; public final BooleanValue enableEmerald; public final BooleanValue enableEnder; Common(ForgeConfigSpec.Builder builder){ builder.comment("Armor Config") .push("Armor"); enableOakWood = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Oak Wood Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableOakWood", true); enableBirchWood = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Birch Wood Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableBirchWood", true); enableJungleWood = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Jungle Wood Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableJungleWood", true); enableSpruceWood = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Spruce Wood Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableSpruceWood", true); enableDarkOakWood = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Dark Oak Wood Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableDarkOakWood", true); enableAcaciaWood = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Acacia Wood Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableAcaciaWood", true); enableCactus = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Cactus Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableCactus", true); enableObsidian = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Obsidian Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableObsidian", true); enableMagma = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Magma Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableMagma", true); enableMelon = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Melon Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableMelon", true); enableQuartz = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Quartz Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableQuartz", true); enableBone = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Bone Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableBone", true); enableMolten = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Molten Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableMolten", true); enablePumpkin = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Pumpkin Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enablePumpkin", true); enablePhantom = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Phantom Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enablePhantom", true); enableGhost = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Ghost Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableGhost", true); enableCryingObsidian = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Crying Obsidian Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableCryingObsidian", true); enableIce = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Ice Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableIce", true); enableSnow = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Snow Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableSnow", true); enableGlowstone = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Glowstone Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableGlowstone", true); enablePrismarineShard = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Prismarine Shard Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enablePrismarineShard", true); enablePrismarineCrystal = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Prismarine Crystal Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enablePrismarineCrystal", true); enableHoneycomb = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Honeycomb Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableHoneycomb", true); enableEmerald = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Emerald Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableEmerald", true); enableEnder = builder .comment("Enable or Disable Ender Armor") .worldRestart() .define("enableEnder", true); builder.pop(); } } public static final ForgeConfigSpec COMMON_SPEC; public static final Common COMMON; static{ final Pair<Common, ForgeConfigSpec> specPair = new ForgeConfigSpec.Builder().configure(Common::new); COMMON_SPEC = specPair.getRight(); COMMON = specPair.getLeft(); } }   and the config file (generated):   #Armor Config [Armor] #Enable or Disable Cactus Armor enableCactus = true #Enable or Disable Honeycomb Armor enableHoneycomb = true #Enable or Disable Oak Wood Armor enableOakWood = true #Enable or Disable Obsidian Armor enableObsidian = true #Enable or Disable Ice Armor enableIce = true #Enable or Disable Glowstone Armor enableGlowstone = true #Enable or Disable Acacia Wood Armor enableAcaciaWood = true #Enable or Disable Crying Obsidian Armor enableCryingObsidian = true #Enable or Disable Molten Armor enableMolten = true #Enable or Disable Melon Armor enableMelon = true #Enable or Disable Ender Armor enableEnder = true #Enable or Disable Prismarine Crystal Armor enablePrismarineCrystal = true #Enable or Disable Birch Wood Armor enableBirchWood = true #Enable or Disable Pumpkin Armor enablePumpkin = true #Enable or Disable Spruce Wood Armor enableSpruceWood = true #Enable or Disable Magma Armor enableMagma = true #Enable or Disable Dark Oak Wood Armor enableDarkOakWood = true #Enable or Disable Quartz Armor enableQuartz = true #Enable or Disable Ghost Armor enableGhost = true #Enable or Disable Emerald Armor enableEmerald = true #Enable or Disable Jungle Wood Armor enableJungleWood = true #Enable or Disable Bone Armor enableBone = true #Enable or Disable Phantom Armor enablePhantom = true #Enable or Disable Snow Armor enableSnow = true #Enable or Disable Prismarine Shard Armor enablePrismarineShard = true   Here is where i'm expecting to load the config (the main class for the mod):   import com.bailym.extraarmor.config.ArmorConfig; import com.bailym.extraarmor.util.RegistryHandler; import net.minecraft.item.ItemGroup; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.item.Items; import net.minecraftforge.common.MinecraftForge; import net.minecraftforge.fml.ModLoadingContext; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod; import net.minecraftforge.fml.config.ModConfig; import net.minecraftforge.fml.event.lifecycle.FMLClientSetupEvent; import net.minecraftforge.fml.event.lifecycle.FMLCommonSetupEvent; import net.minecraftforge.fml.javafmlmod.FMLJavaModLoadingContext; import org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager; import org.apache.logging.log4j.Logger; // The value here should match an entry in the META-INF/mods.toml file @Mod("extraarmor") public class ExtraArmor { public static final String MOD_ID = "extraarmor"; // Directly reference a log4j logger. private static final Logger LOGGER = LogManager.getLogger(); public ExtraArmor() { // Register the setup method for modloading FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus().addListener(this::setup); // Register the doClientStuff method for modloading FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus().addListener(this::doClientStuff); //HERE IS WHERE I AM REGISTERING THE CONFIG AND CHECKING ONE OF THE VALUES ModLoadingContext.get().registerConfig(ModConfig.Type.COMMON, ArmorConfig.COMMON_SPEC); //DOESNT GIVE THE VALUE IN THE CONFIG FILE. ONLY THE DEFAULT VALUE IN THE CONFIG CLASS System.out.println(ArmorConfig.COMMON.enableOakWood.get()); //Call the method to initialize the registry. (Multiple registries require multiple calls). RegistryHandler.init(); // Register ourselves for server and other game events we are interested in MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(this); } private void setup(final FMLCommonSetupEvent event) { } private void doClientStuff(final FMLClientSetupEvent event) { } //Creates a custom ItemGroup with the label extraArmorTab. In game Label can be set in lang files. public static final ItemGroup TAB = new ItemGroup("extraArmorTab") { //Overrides the vanilla createIcon method to chnge the icon used for this tab to a new item. @Override public ItemStack createIcon() { return new ItemStack(Items.LEATHER_CHESTPLATE); } }; }     Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    • I actually figured it out just before you posted this, but thanks anyway!
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