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get ModDimension as DimensionType


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Hi, I am currently trying to make a block that teleports the player in my custom dimension, and I runned into an issue. Indeed, for my player.changeDimension(), I need a DimensionType, and with my DefferedRegistrer I can just get a ModDimension, so I wanted to know if there is a way to get it as a DimensionType, otherwise it's quiet annoying as I can't make it to work :/

Thanks :)

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It crahses my game as soon as it execute that line of code, it may be because I don't know what to put as "PacketBuffer data" 😅, have you got any piece of idea ?

Here is the line that make it crash :

player.changeDimension(DimensionManager.registerOrGetDimension(DimensionInit.ORES_DIM.getId(), DimensionInit.ORES_DIM.get(), null, true);


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You need to register the dimension during the event, like this:

public static void dimReg(RegisterDimensionsEvent event) {
  while (sky() == null);
public static DimensionType sky() {
  ModDimension sky = SKY_DIM.get();
  return DimensionManager.registerOrGetDimension(sky.getRegistryName(), sky, null, true);


Have you ever want the new operator to return a type that you didn't ask for? Well, now you can!

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