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Custom Beacon Beam Renderer Help


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I have been working on a custom block that has emits a beacon beam. I'm fairly certain I've nailed down all the functional components in the tick method, and I have set up a renderer class for the tile entity. However, it does not seem to want to render the beam. I know the renderer is initialized, yet it does not seem to want to render the beam. I have included a link to my project on github. The relevant class is under client.renderer, and is callled 'WardingBeaconTileEntityRenderer". If anyone could provide me some tips as to what I may need to fix or point out what I am doing wrong, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


github: https://github.com/skiprocks999/Amulets-of-Infinity/tree/Rings-Of-Infinity/RingsOfInfinity

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it would help if I actually put the link in
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The first problem appears to be that you are creating beam segments on the server and then trying to render them on the client without transmitting them from client to server.

If they're purely cosmetic then you only need to create them on the client, not the server actually.


I changed them to create on the client and your renderer was at least called (it crashed due to index out of bounds) but hopefully that gets you a step further at least.



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