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"fatally missing registry entries" forge 1.12.2

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if anyone is a Minecraft genius i need help when trying to join a friends forge server it says "Fatally missing registry entries" we have the same sub versions of everything its in 1.12.2 when i try to join in game it says "brcplays left" in the server log i have my mods in the right place and have tried almost everything and other people were able to get on. please help its been a week already of trying to get on.

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The currently supported versions are 1.15 (LTS) and 1.16, as in the banner at the top of the page.

Older versions are no longer supported.

How to ask a good coding question: https://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask

Give any applicable of: logs, code, desired effects, and actual effects. Be thorough or we can't help you, and don't post code without putting it in a code block (the <> button on the post - select "C-type Language"): syntax highlighting makes everything easier, and it keeps the post tidy.


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