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[Solved][1.15.2] Mod adds datapack - not loaded

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My mod adds datapack data (custom loot tables) on load if they don't already exist. I am currently doing this during the WorldEvent.Load event, so that I can get the world save name. However, the WorldEvent.Load event fires AFTER datapack data is loaded, so the new files are not loaded when the world is loaded for the first time. Is there a different event or a better place where I can add the datapack data?



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Its not really that I need to perform actions dynamically, but I'm trying expose the mod's custom loot tables to the user so they can customize more easily without having to dig through the jar file to see the original loot tables.

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It is relevant because I was attempting to make this as simple for the end-user as possible - ie no extra steps (downloading extra files, jar digging, creating from scratch, etc). This had worked in 1.12.2 when you made a call to LootTableList.register() to register your loot tables.


But it appears I won't be able to do this in the manner I hoped.


Thank you for your replies.

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