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    • so basically, i had forge for a long period now, but suddenly it stopped working. whenever i press the play button in the minecraft launcher, it has the preparing bar, then nothing happens. like java just doesnt open. so i just went to the minecraft launcher and pressed play again, then it gives me a pop-up message tells me that the games already opened and running. it gives me an option to start anyway, so i press that, and the same thing happens. so i just go to task manager and end the task of java. for some reason, it says java is running in task manager, but it doesnt pop up in my taskbar. please help
    • Okay thanks, can these be changed dynamically with a world?    Basically I am storing a LinkedHashMap with a BlockPos as the Key, and a custom Classfile as the value. When a block is placed down a new instance of the Customfile.class is created and added to the map, with that blocks BlockPos as the key, and the map is stored within the "/saves/WORLDNAME/mymod/" folder. I am assuming that Forge's config system is not the best system to use with my use-case.
    • I dont think this has anything to do with the OS, but with maybe the way I installed java? I installed Ubuntu made for the raspberry pi 4 and the same message happened. im installing java with "sudo apt-get install default-jdk", So I tried again with "sudo apt-get install default-jre" and ended up reinstalling the jdk too, same thing happened.
    • i made a custom 1.7.10 modpack for my friends and I to play on decided to move it over to my own server host and now im getting an error when starting ive spent several hours trying to look for a solution and cant seem to find one im not sure if im in the right place for this but i hope someone can help me     17:44:27 Can't revert to frozen GameData state without freezing first. Server thread/INFO 17:44:27 Applying holder lookups Holder lookups applied Server thread/WARN 17:44:27 Failed to write Transciever Channels on exit: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException Server thread/INFO 17:44:27 The state engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded. The state engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state AVAILABLE. Errors may have been discarded.     full Crash Log Report: Paste Bin https://pastebin.com/cxgY3t6q
    • Im wondering if changing the launch options for the main server jar will fix that? I saw some threads where some peoples launch files had "-o" as a launch option, is there a way I can change the launch options for when the vanilla server is launched?
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