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Recipes Not Working/IItemProvider Help

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I'm very new to modding (this is my first mod), so sorry if this seem stupid. 

I'm using data generators to generate my recipes and whenever I run them it doesn't give any errors, but it also fails to generate the recipes.


My Code: 

package net.Pinary_Pi.my1stmod.data.recipes;


import java.util.function.Consumer;

import net.minecraft.data.IFinishedRecipe;

import net.minecraft.data.RecipeProvider;

import net.Pinary_Pi.gear.item.CraftingItems;

import net.Pinary_Pi.my1stmod.setup.ModItems

import net.Pinary_Pi.my1stmod.setup.ModTags;

import net.minecraft.data.DataGenerator;

import net.minecraft.data.ShapedRecipeBuilder;


public class ModRecipesProvider extends RecipeProvider {

    public ModRecipesProvider(DataGenerator generatorIn) {





    protected void registerRecipes(Consumer<IFinishedRecipe> consumer) {


        .key('#', ModTags.Items.INGOTS_SILVER)




        .addCriterion("has item", hasItem(ModTags.Items.INGOTS_SILVER))



        ShapedRecipeBuilder.shapedRecipe(CraftingItems.INGOTS_SILVER, 9)

        .key('#', ModTags.Items.STORAGE_BLOCKS_SILVER)


        .addCriterion("has item", hasItem(ModTags.Items.STORAGE_BLOCKS_SILVER))





I'm pretty sure I need to change the CraftingItems to something different, but everything else I put there causes an error that says "The method shapedRecipe(IItemProvider, int) in the type ShapedRecipeBuilder is not applicable for the arguments (RegistryObject<Item>, int). " I know I need to do something with IItemProvider, but I don't know how.


CraftingItems is a library that someone named SilentChaos512 made that I saw him using in his mods; I tried to copy what he did with it and put it in my mod. I'm pretty sure I'm not using it correctly.

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3 hours ago, poopoodice said:

RegistryObject is a supplier that holds an item, use Supplier#get to get the Item where has already implemented IItemProvider.

TYSSSM!! It means a lot to me that you helped!

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