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Mod won't load when in dev environment

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I'm pretty sure my code is horrendous and there are most likely files in the wrong places, but I can't figure out what is wrong. Minecraft will load up fine but only have forge running.

My GitHub page is here

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You need to update the build.gradle to have your modid instead of the default examplemod

you'll want to modify the group, the modid and pretty much everywhere where "examplemod" is shown, you'll want to replace with your own modid


note: you have a static field in your main mod class (Warwolves.java) called MOD_ID, whenever you need the mod id, you should be referencing this field, instead of typing the string every time

note 2: don't create an ItemBase class https://championash5357.github.io/ChampionAsh5357/tutorial/minecraft/ciar#code-style-5

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I forgot I had MOD_ID actually, I went ahead and fixed that, and the ItemBase. The build.gradle should have all the correct information now, but the Minecraft instance Eclipse runs still doesn't have my mod in it.

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That's odd, I couldn't find anything wrong with the code.

could you describe exactly what steps you are taking to run the mod?


also: your group in build.gradle and your main path doesn't follow the convention, seeing that you have a github, you could use that http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-naming-conventions.html


EDIT: Ideally I would pull the repo to my machine and try running the mod myself, but my weak computer takes 4 hours to decompile mc, So... sorry I can't do that

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