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Disconnection From Server When Placing Modded Block

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I'm playing around with making my own mod. It works fine in Singleplayer but when I test it on a server my client gets disconnected with error message Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: java.lang.NullPointerException (there is no further stack trace) when I place the Portal Base block. I can reconnect just fine, but will get disconnected again when I place another of those blocks.

I haven't found much about this specific issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Code: https://github.com/eddie1101/PortalTest/


logs: (Though they're not very helpful, is there some way to make the error more verbose? A stack trace would really help)

Server: https://pastebin.com/JN6gnQyx

Client: https://pastebin.com/AWVavatz


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Attached .jar if you want to try to reproduce


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Your repository is not complete, the gradle wrapper and build.gradle should be included to make it usable. The MDK comes with a properly configured .gitignore file for a reason.


Start the game with the system property forge.logging.mojang.level=debug to see the stacktrace.

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Repo is fixed. How do I run my client with system properties? It works on the server but when I add it to JVM arguments in the launcher's installation settings the game crashes.

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Your repository crashes for a different reason: You have two items with the same name.

Additionally, you are not registering your registry entries properly. You need to either use @ObjectHolder or DeferredRegister.

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Woops. Fixed the item names.

According to the docs, RegistryEvent.Register is a valid way of registering entries, so I'll stick with that since I know it better.

The repo should build now, so back to my original question: Why when placing a Portal Base does the client get disconnected from the server?

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33 minutes ago, octa said:

According to the docs, RegistryEvent.Register is a valid way of registering entries, so I'll stick with that since I know it better.

That is fine, but then you must use @ObjectHolder instead of manually assigning fields.


37 minutes ago, octa said:

Why when placing a Portal Base does the client get disconnected from the server?

It crashes because your TileEntityPortalBase creates an SUpdateTileEntityPacket with a null BlockPos.

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Oh, that makes sense. Do you have a suggested way of initializing that BlockPos? I can't think of anything other than assigning a symbolic value which gets verified before use, but that seems clumsy.

Edit: Nvm, I was trying to return some nbt data instead of the tileentity's actual position. Thanks for the help.

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    • hm... when I had a similar issue the discord pointed me towards using baked models. but multiparts does seem way simpler, and with datagen I could even do it proceduraly
    • You don't need a custom baked model for this. Look at the composter model for an example.
    • whenever you find a solution by yourself, you can leave the original question, but add a comment mentioning that you fixed it, and how. so that if anyone comes accross the same problem, they can find your solution and try it without needing to make a new topic. also, I don't see how intellij syncing with github has anything to do with forge
    • you need to create a new class which implements IBakedModel, overwrite getQuads (the one which takes an IModelData) an make it return the quads for your model, the IModelData shouls contain the info on the list and you set the info on the IModelData by overwriting getModelData in your tile entity. you need to sync the data from, the Server tile entity, to the client, which you can do by overwriting getUpdatePacket (Server sends updated data to the client), and onDataPacket  (Client handles an update packet received). then, whenever that data changes you can call World#notifyUpdate, and whenever the client receives an update (so in the end of onDataPacket) you call requestModelUpdate().   for the BakedModel, what I do is: I pass in an existing IBakedModel (that works as a base that I can add quads to) to the constructor, and store it in a field. then I can call IBakedModel#getQuads on the base model, which gives a list of BakedQuads, and add any new quads to it. and you can create your quads by using FaceBakey#bakeQuad, it takes the start and end positions of the quad (in block space, so 0 -> 16), an instance of a BlockPartFace, the sprite you want to use, which you can get from an AtlasTexture, the Direction of that quad, a transform (I just use SimpleModelTransform.IDENTITY), a rotation, which you can just pass null, a boolean that tells wether that face should be shaded or not, and then a throwaway ResourceLocation. and you can decide on all those properties, and on what faces to add, given the IModelData   EDIT: oh, and to register it you can do so through the modelRegistry in the ModelBakeEvent (this event is client-side only (I think)) if you need some examples, I used this repo to learn how to use BakedModels: https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample/tree/master/src/main/java/minecraftbyexample/mbe04_block_dynamic_block_models
    • Your code works well, I should have used the yaw player instead of taking yaw from my projectile. Thank you again
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