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Disconnection From Server When Placing Modded Block

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I'm playing around with making my own mod. It works fine in Singleplayer but when I test it on a server my client gets disconnected with error message Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: java.lang.NullPointerException (there is no further stack trace) when I place the Portal Base block. I can reconnect just fine, but will get disconnected again when I place another of those blocks.

I haven't found much about this specific issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Code: https://github.com/eddie1101/PortalTest/


logs: (Though they're not very helpful, is there some way to make the error more verbose? A stack trace would really help)

Server: https://pastebin.com/JN6gnQyx

Client: https://pastebin.com/AWVavatz


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Attached .jar if you want to try to reproduce


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Your repository is not complete, the gradle wrapper and build.gradle should be included to make it usable. The MDK comes with a properly configured .gitignore file for a reason.


Start the game with the system property forge.logging.mojang.level=debug to see the stacktrace.

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Repo is fixed. How do I run my client with system properties? It works on the server but when I add it to JVM arguments in the launcher's installation settings the game crashes.

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Your repository crashes for a different reason: You have two items with the same name.

Additionally, you are not registering your registry entries properly. You need to either use @ObjectHolder or DeferredRegister.

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Woops. Fixed the item names.

According to the docs, RegistryEvent.Register is a valid way of registering entries, so I'll stick with that since I know it better.

The repo should build now, so back to my original question: Why when placing a Portal Base does the client get disconnected from the server?

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33 minutes ago, octa said:

According to the docs, RegistryEvent.Register is a valid way of registering entries, so I'll stick with that since I know it better.

That is fine, but then you must use @ObjectHolder instead of manually assigning fields.


37 minutes ago, octa said:

Why when placing a Portal Base does the client get disconnected from the server?

It crashes because your TileEntityPortalBase creates an SUpdateTileEntityPacket with a null BlockPos.

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Oh, that makes sense. Do you have a suggested way of initializing that BlockPos? I can't think of anything other than assigning a symbolic value which gets verified before use, but that seems clumsy.

Edit: Nvm, I was trying to return some nbt data instead of the tileentity's actual position. Thanks for the help.

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