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Minecraft Crashing On Startup All The Mods 6 forge-36.0.21

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Hey, I just recently started a Minecraft forge server for the server pack named "All the mods 6". I started off on version 1.4.1 which uses forge version 35.1.36. So far I have had no issue until I updated my profile on curse forge and started Minecraft. I'm currently experiencing issues on starting Minecraft up. Every time I hit the "play" button it starts loading for about a second or two and then stops, giving me this error message. "ERROR Game Crashed An unexpected issue occurred and the game has crashed. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Exit Code: 0". I've tried to look through the logs but was unable to find out what the problem was. I also noticed that once the forge version changes(from 35.1.36 to 36.0.21) after I update the profile on curse forge, my Minecraft always crashes on start up. I tested this by downloading every version after the one I was currently on (1.4.1) and starting them up. I also updated the server itself to version 1.5.2 for "All The Mods 6" and it works fine. I've had friends join and do the same as I and updated there profiles on curse forge and they have had no issue so far. The only thing I'm unable to do is actually start the launcher on my end I'm unsure on what to do now. PLEASE HELP!! 


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Read in EAQ to no attach my log file to my post.
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Ok. So I just deleted it and did a fresh install. Started it up and got the same error i posted earlier in the thread. Here is the log file that I just received.


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