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With what class do I have to do this, in this condition?

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Hello good, first of all a greeting to all, I have been programming the mod for a few weeks and I am stuck.
I need the water particles to only run in the init method in the Main of the mod, I've been looking at the forum for 3 days and I decided to register and ask for help, because I can't get it.
The structure is a biome, so I am trying with a condition that executes only when it is in the biome and not in the normal game, from a method that is within the condition.
But I don't know what to put in the condition so that it only runs in the biome and not in the 2.

Class WaterColorParticles.

 public static void onWaterColor()
	if (BiomeRuby.getBiomeForId(1) == BiomeRuby.getBiomeForId(1))

Class BiomeRuby.

public BiomeRuby() {
	super(new 	BiomeProperties("ruby_biome").setBaseHeight(1.5F).setHeightVariation(1.2F).setTemperature(6F).setWaterColor(ColorRubyBiomeWater.original));

As you can see I do not know what to put and try everything and nothing.

Thanks first and greetings to all.

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