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[SOLVED] 1.16.3 How to get the World Name for saving files in the /saves folder

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I am updating some of my mods, and I store config files in the "/saves/WORLDNAME/" folder. I am having trouble getting this folder name at the moment.


In 1.12.2 the code to get this was:



However I'm struggling to find the equivalent in 1.16.


Many thanks in advance.

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18 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Forge's config system has this built in using the ModConfig.Type.SERVER config type.

Okay thanks, can these be changed dynamically with a world? 


Basically I am storing a LinkedHashMap with a BlockPos as the Key, and a custom Classfile as the value. When a block is placed down a new instance of the Customfile.class is created and added to the map, with that blocks BlockPos as the key, and the map is stored within the "/saves/WORLDNAME/mymod/" folder. I am assuming that Forge's config system is not the best system to use with my use-case.

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16 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

That is not a config file at all. That's a data file. Use WorldSavedData or a world capability.


Many thanks for your help, although the ForgeDocs seem to be outdated, as I could not find reference to:


Anywhere in the actual code in Forges latest release for 1.16.3.


I really do not want to enter the capability rabbit hole, as I have had major trouble getting packets to work in the past. I instead reviewed some other posts, and following your guidance on those posts have resorted to using this code, which works on both the client and server side:


Object save = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(MinecraftServer.class, server, "field_71310_m");
if (save instanceof SaveFormat.LevelSave) {
	String save_name = ((LevelSave) save).getSaveName();
	System.out.println("File: [" + fileName + "] Accessed for World: [" + save_name + "]");


I am aware that its not a great way of doing it, but I have a robust system for saving and reading from files, which I have been using for a long while now.

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14 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

L.A. Noire "Doubt" / Press X To Doubt | Know Your Meme


That made me laugh! Okay maybe not robust, but it has been reliable for me so far. I use a GSON -> JSON converter with custom TypeAdapters for objects GSON doesn't already know how to convert. Works for my purposes.

Thanks for your help!

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11 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Or, you know, you could just use WorldSavedData which is known to be robust, has a way more compact data format than JSON and doesn't require you to reengineer things whenever a new game update comes out...

Very true, but to be honest my code only needed a few lines updated. I want to move to something more native, but am struggling to find references to WorldSavedData. I am not worried about compact data, there is only 1 master file which contains each registered object, and each object is only ~3KB in size. It allows easy debugging, and on servers specifically, tweaks to the data that do not require things like NBTExplorer to use. It works for my purposes.

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