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[1.16] How to change log level


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Minecraft and Forge contains some code like 


I want to see such messages in log (better to see all log messages).

I didn't find `log4j2.xml`or something similar at game jar.

How to change default log level?

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You should put it in the run configuration in your build.gradle, then re-run the genXXXRuns task which will update your run configurations. Otherwise it will be overridden next time you run it.


10 minutes ago, hohserg said:

I use `-Dforge.logging.console.level=debug -Dforge.logging.markers=SCAN,REGISTRIES,REGISTRYDUMP,CLASSLOADING`

But messages of `LOGGER.trace(CLASSLOADING, ...)` is not visible in debug.log file

You set the logging level to debug and are then confused why trace is not showing up...?

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The log4j log levels are as follows:

trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal. If you configure the logging level to be e.g. INFO then anything below that (debug and trace) will be filtered out. Since you set the logging level to DEBUG, your trace log will not be shown.

The markers are a separate concept, for example Forge has a REGISTRYDUMP marker. When you log something using a logger, you can also specify a marker. That marker can then be used for additional filtering, for example you can tell log4j to not show any log messages that have the REGISTRYDUMP marker.

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