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Custom Item descriptions on server side 1.15

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I have been working on a custom item system where a lot of item properties exist, like vitality, dexterity and many others.
This works fine by adding to the NBT of the ItemStack and I can also query the values just fine, however I have a problem displaying these to the user.
My mod runs exclusively on the server side, so I can't use ItemTooltipEvent sadly, but that is exactly what I would have needed.
I assume I could change the lore and do tricks with that to have it show, but I couldn't get the lore to show properly, I was trying to put my data into the NBT tag.
And I also can't remove the default information thing that items display, like armors have "+x Armor" which is awful for my use case as I implement my own armor system.

I also need to be able to generate these descriptions on the fly, real time, because I want to be able to change how attributes work/are displayed.
So as an example if I put +1 Vitality on an item, and want to display it as "+2 To Life" not as vitality, but then I change my mind, and want to update how item information is displayed.
This may sound dumb, but I want to be able to patch items and their properties and if their description is just a static string, even if I change how the underlying data works, I can't change the description.
Take that example, what if I decide to change vitality to give +3 life per point not 2, I wouldn't need to change the item's data at all, just the description.

I hope I was clear, I'll be around if I need to clear anything up,

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I was hoping there was some method to catch when the client is looking for the description and instead of going through the standard way of getting it from the NBT I could supply it with different data, but then the whole NBT is passed to the client, and it decides on how to display it if I understand correctly so yeah out of luck, I will look into regenerating the item Lore some way when something changes

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Yeah well I see, as for using the lore tag...
How do I produce this structure in the NBT?


The CompoundNBT interface is quite different from json libraries I am used to, I cant figure out how can I add a json object array to lore

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First get the display tag: ItemStack#getOrCreateChildTag("display"). That will give you a CompoundNBT. Then you can use CompoundNBT#getList("Lore", Constants.NBT.TAG_COMPOUND) to get the "Lore" list. then add whatever CompoundNBT entries you want to the list and use CompoundNBT#put("Lore", list) to put the changed list back in the NBT compound. 

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    • Yes! thank you, it works great now. One more thing though, I followed default minecraft code for the armor, but even though I have all my layers in assets/gemstones/textures/models/armor it still shows up on my character as the 'no-texture' texture.
    • Exception message: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Duplicate registration jade you're registering "jade" twice, I think that should be the only thing wrong oh also, your enum constants should be all uppercased (it won't cause any errors of course, but it's the standard)  
    • Sure, i played around with the code a bit and added a ".get()" to the end of the material, this removed all errors. Except its wrong because now I launch and the game crashes, yet eclipse gives me no errors. Heres my list: package djofox.gemstones.materials; import java.util.function.Supplier; import djofox.gemstones.init.ItemInit; import net.minecraft.item.IItemTier; import net.minecraft.item.crafting.Ingredient; import net.minecraft.util.LazyValue; public enum ToolMaterialList implements IItemTier { beryl(0, 131, 15.0f, 2.75f, 30, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.beryl.get()); }), jade(2, 500, 7.0f, 2.25f, 23, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.jade.get()); }), moissanite(2, 500, 7.0f, 2.25f, 23, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.moissanite.get()); }), kunzite(0, 315, 12f, 0.5f, 20, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.kunzite.get()); }), orpiment(2, 258, 10f, 0.5f, 20, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.orpiment.get()); }), mercurySulfide(2, 1012, 5.5f, 2.0f, 14, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.mercurySulfide.get()); }), blackDiamond(3, 2757, 8.0f, 3.0f, 2, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.blackDiamond.get()); }), treatedCarbide(4, 2560, 10.0f, 5.0f, 2, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.siliconCarbide.get()); }); private final int level; private final int uses; private final float speed; private final float damage; private final int enchantmentValue; private final LazyValue<Ingredient> repairIngredient; private ToolMaterialList(int p_i48458_3_, int p_i48458_4_, float p_i48458_5_, float p_i48458_6_, int p_i48458_7_, Supplier<Ingredient> p_i48458_8_) { this.level = p_i48458_3_; this.uses = p_i48458_4_; this.speed = p_i48458_5_; this.damage = p_i48458_6_; this.enchantmentValue = p_i48458_7_; this.repairIngredient = new LazyValue<>(p_i48458_8_); } public int getUses() { return this.uses; } public float getSpeed() { return this.speed; } public float getAttackDamageBonus() { return this.damage; } public int getLevel() { return this.level; } public int getEnchantmentValue() { return this.enchantmentValue; } public Ingredient getRepairIngredient() { return this.repairIngredient.get(); } } Heres my init class which causes the crash (from taking other stuff) And heres the error I get when I crash (I dont know if you need it but better safe than sorry)  
    • can you show your ToolMaterialList?
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