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(1.16.5) Please help with Immersive Petroleum mod!


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Recently, my friend sent me mods for his server and one of them was called "ImmersivePetroleum-1.16.4-3.1.0-2.jar"

When I first added this mod it did not work, so I downloaded the most recent version, for 1.16.5.

This one didn't work either.

So since my friends used the 1.16.4 version on a 1.16.5 server without any problems, I tried to run it again, but this time it said "Immersive Petroleum (immersivepetroleum) has failed to load correctly"

And below that, it was "java.lang.RuntineException: Cannot find class"


Here's the crash log : https://pastebin.com/LKuYnjtp


I just don't know what causes the issue. Can somebody please help? 



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    • Hello I made a server forge with mods but when I changed it from other pc some mods are bug. I have identified the mods that are bug, here are the logs and the crash reports Logs of the server with the bug mods removed: https://pastebin.com/wDxeM00A Logs of the server with all the bug mods: https://pastebin.com/ssGLVy2W Logs of the server with one bug mod: https://pastebin.com/4XnAuUic I tried to download an older version of the mods but it didn't work. How can I insert that mods? Thanks.
    • I'm not asking for a solution only for 1.16.5, a solution for more current versions will be fine as well
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    • You only ever set the block on the client. See HoneycombItem.useOn() for the "correct" logic.
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