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how to get the side of the block the player is currently looking at?


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I've been exploring code for the last 4 hours and I can't find a way to make that work. 


Also tried the search on the forums but couldn't come up with better keywords, I'm afraid.


Is it possible to get the "NORTH; EAST; WEST; UP; DOWN; SOUTH" side  of a block corresponding to the player crosshair?


I want to call it inside of onItemUse, or onItemUseFirst.

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Pulled this from my code, use/edit freely


 * If [4] is -1 , there was no block within reach.
 * @return [0]= BlockId, [1]= BlockX, [2]= BlockY, [3]= BlockZ, [4]= SideHit, [5]= BlockMeta
public static int[] getBlockInfront(World theWorld, EntityPlayer thePlayer, double reach)
	int[] blockInfo = { 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 0 };

	MovingObjectPosition movingobjectposition = getMovingObjectPositionFromPlayer(theWorld, thePlayer, true, reach);
	if (movingobjectposition != null) {
		if (movingobjectposition.typeOfHit == EnumMovingObjectType.TILE) {
			blockInfo[1] = movingobjectposition.blockX;
			blockInfo[2] = movingobjectposition.blockY;
			blockInfo[3] = movingobjectposition.blockZ;
			blockInfo[4] = movingobjectposition.sideHit;
			blockInfo[5] = theWorld.getBlockMetadata(blockInfo[1], blockInfo[2], blockInfo[3]);
			blockInfo[0] = theWorld.getBlockId(blockInfo[1], blockInfo[2], blockInfo[3]);
	return blockInfo;

private static MovingObjectPosition getMovingObjectPositionFromPlayer(World world, EntityPlayer entityplayer, boolean flag, double reach)
	float f = 1.0F;
	float playerPitch = entityplayer.prevRotationPitch + (entityplayer.rotationPitch - entityplayer.prevRotationPitch) * f;
	float playerYaw = entityplayer.prevRotationYaw + (entityplayer.rotationYaw - entityplayer.prevRotationYaw) * f;
	double playerPosX = entityplayer.prevPosX + (entityplayer.posX - entityplayer.prevPosX) * f;
	double playerPosY = (entityplayer.prevPosY + (entityplayer.posY - entityplayer.prevPosY) * f + 1.6200000000000001D) - entityplayer.yOffset;
	double playerPosZ = entityplayer.prevPosZ + (entityplayer.posZ - entityplayer.prevPosZ) * f;
	Vec3 vecPlayer = Vec3.createVectorHelper(playerPosX, playerPosY, playerPosZ);
	float cosYaw = MathHelper.cos(-playerYaw * 0.01745329F - 3.141593F);
	float sinYaw = MathHelper.sin(-playerYaw * 0.01745329F - 3.141593F);
	float cosPitch = -MathHelper.cos(-playerPitch * 0.01745329F);
	float sinPitch = MathHelper.sin(-playerPitch * 0.01745329F);
	float pointX = sinYaw * cosPitch;
	float pointY = sinPitch;
	float pointZ = cosYaw * cosPitch;
	Vec3 vecPoint = vecPlayer.addVector(pointX * reach, pointY * reach, pointZ * reach);
	MovingObjectPosition movingobjectposition = world.rayTraceBlocks_do_do(vecPlayer, vecPoint, flag, !flag);
	return movingobjectposition;

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    • Check it out, you won't regret https://shrinke.me/I0iwHJ3
    • These should be static initializers and the fields should be final. That is the point of DeferredRegister. Your code looks fine and should work, however you can use EnchantmentHelper.getItemEnchantmentLevel if you just want the level for one Enchantment. This call will be more efficient as it does not need to build the whole enchantment map.
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