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what do you mean by stop cheating?

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i am doing nothing wrong, i just trying lunch it and it keep crashing a sec from the loading screen ending the load...  

i just want to play all of the mods 6 to the sky with my friends, so help me pls

crush report

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 23.09.14.png

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The thing that is crashing is called "Imgui", whatever that is.

Search for "imgui" leads to two things:

  • A GUI library for C++, which is not relevant for Minecraft at all.
  • This: https://github.com/Go0gle-Chr0me/MCImgui, which is, I quote:

    Minecraft ImGui (thank u KowalskiFX for the imgui hook lol), works with dll injection. Has an autoclicker and auto rightclick, ajustable click rate. Bunny hop doesn't work, too lazy to fix.


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can you reply to me what to do?


i have deleted the the modpeck and re downloaded it, and it is steel doing the same thing with the same crash report...

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1) delete everything you have. 

2) do not go anywhere other than to curseforge. internet is full of idiots offering fake mods and repacked modpacks with who-knows-what inside. 

3) go to curseforge, pick a modpack (or separate mods if you have time and willingness to make the pack just right) 

4) load the modpack into multimc launcher. do not use any launcher other than multimc or mojang's vanilla launcher. 

5) enjoy!

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I had the same problem, but I fixed it now

I found something on github: https://github.com/AllTheMods/atm6-sky/issues/139

it seems that there's a mod crashing the game called Blueprint(idk what is this mod tbh, and as far as I know it's only crashing on Mac), I  just deleted it and now ATM6 to the sky is working!



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