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(1.16.5) [SOLVED] TopSolidRangeConfig blocks spawning outside parameters

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Hey there, I set up my ore generation file and the first ore I've made seems to be spawning a bit above the maximum height I set. I've been thinking in terms of the world coordinates when setting these numbers, with bedrock as 0 and everything else going up from there. 

public class OreGeneration {
	//the actual individual ores
	public static void generateOres(final BiomeLoadingEvent event) {
		if(!(event.getCategory().equals(Biome.Category.NETHER) || event.getCategory().equals(Biome.Category.THEEND))) {
			generateOre(event.getGeneration(), OreFeatureConfig.FillerBlockType.NATURAL_STONE, BlockInit.EGG_ORE.get().defaultBlockState(), 4, 15, 31, 15);

	//can be called at any time to make an ore
	private static void generateOre(BiomeGenerationSettingsBuilder settings, RuleTest fillerType, BlockState state, int veinSize,
			int minHeight, int maxHeight, int maxPerChunk) {
			Feature.ORE.configured(new OreFeatureConfig(fillerType, state, veinSize))
			.decorated(Placement.RANGE.configured(new TopSolidRangeConfig(minHeight, 0, maxHeight)))


here's a picture of the ore, about 10 blocks above the number I set. https://imgur.com/a/8jflRKz

Is minecraft using a different set of numbers than the world coordinates? Or is the range just looser than I'm expecting it to be. Thank yall for help with this. 

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The position given by the placement is only the starting position of the ore gen. The ore gen then generates in a patch around that position, so can end up higher (depending on your vein size).

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5 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

The position given by the placement is only the starting position of the ore gen. The ore gen then generates in a patch around that position, so can end up higher (depending on your vein size).

Alright! Thank you for the answer, I was just curious how it worked. 

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  • Jurassicash changed the title to (1.16.5) [SOLVED] TopSolidRangeConfig blocks spawning outside parameters

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    • Sure, i played around with the code a bit and added a ".get()" to the end of the material, this removed all errors. Except its wrong because now I launch and the game crashes, yet eclipse gives me no errors. Heres my list: package djofox.gemstones.materials; import java.util.function.Supplier; import djofox.gemstones.init.ItemInit; import net.minecraft.item.IItemTier; import net.minecraft.item.crafting.Ingredient; import net.minecraft.util.LazyValue; public enum ToolMaterialList implements IItemTier { beryl(0, 131, 15.0f, 2.75f, 30, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.beryl.get()); }), jade(2, 500, 7.0f, 2.25f, 23, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.jade.get()); }), moissanite(2, 500, 7.0f, 2.25f, 23, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.moissanite.get()); }), kunzite(0, 315, 12f, 0.5f, 20, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.kunzite.get()); }), orpiment(2, 258, 10f, 0.5f, 20, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.orpiment.get()); }), mercurySulfide(2, 1012, 5.5f, 2.0f, 14, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.mercurySulfide.get()); }), blackDiamond(3, 2757, 8.0f, 3.0f, 2, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.blackDiamond.get()); }), treatedCarbide(4, 2560, 10.0f, 5.0f, 2, () -> { return Ingredient.of(ItemInit.siliconCarbide.get()); }); private final int level; private final int uses; private final float speed; private final float damage; private final int enchantmentValue; private final LazyValue<Ingredient> repairIngredient; private ToolMaterialList(int p_i48458_3_, int p_i48458_4_, float p_i48458_5_, float p_i48458_6_, int p_i48458_7_, Supplier<Ingredient> p_i48458_8_) { this.level = p_i48458_3_; this.uses = p_i48458_4_; this.speed = p_i48458_5_; this.damage = p_i48458_6_; this.enchantmentValue = p_i48458_7_; this.repairIngredient = new LazyValue<>(p_i48458_8_); } public int getUses() { return this.uses; } public float getSpeed() { return this.speed; } public float getAttackDamageBonus() { return this.damage; } public int getLevel() { return this.level; } public int getEnchantmentValue() { return this.enchantmentValue; } public Ingredient getRepairIngredient() { return this.repairIngredient.get(); } } Heres my init class which causes the crash (from taking other stuff) And heres the error I get when I crash (I dont know if you need it but better safe than sorry)  
    • can you show your ToolMaterialList?
    • Ohh ok, that makes sense, but even still how could I fix it? I cant initialize my items before I do my ToolMaterialList because my items class uses it.
    • please use PascalCase when naming classes also, what are you doing? there's no need to extend the BrewingRecipe, you can just instantiate a new one  
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