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Update hardcoded values for getEyeHeight method of EntityPlayer class

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[I've written lots of code before, but this would be my first time writing a minecraft mod from scratch]

I'm looking to adjust the height of the first person camera with client-side modifications to work with a custom player model.

Based on reading some of the decompiled code from MCP and the source code for https://github.com/Exopandora/ShoulderSurfing , I believe I need to update the getEyeHeight method.

From what I've read, the two standard way of achieving this would be Access Transformers and Bytecode manipulation. I'm wondering if there's a simpler way I could modify this value or rewrite the method?


public float getEyeHeight()
        float f = 1.62F;

        if (this.isPlayerSleeping())
            f = 0.2F;
        else if (!this.isSneaking() && this.height != 1.65F)
            if (this.isElytraFlying() || this.height == 0.6F)
                f = 0.4F;
            f -= 0.08F;

        return f;


Method taken from MCP with minecraft version 1.12.2 and the class EntityPlayer.


Right now I'd like to try something simple like changing `float f = 1.62F` to 1.20F or something like that.

Any direction or help would be appreciated.

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