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Forge Server giving "incomplete set of tags" error and also says "incompatible vanilla server"

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I'm new to stuff like this. I'm trying to host a server for my friends using Hamachi. After following the instructions to create a server, it seems to go completely fine, but when I shut down the server then restart it, it gives these errors.

I copied the world to the saves folder and entered it in singleplayer, and all of the Create items I had placed and that were in chests were gone. I could still craft and place new ones.

I don't know what the problem is, can anyone help?

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  • The client log shows you trying to connect to a vanilla server.
  • The server log is from a forge server, but it ends (based on the timestamps) before the client log even shows the connection attempt.
  • The server log shows several successful logins.
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