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Textures are saying "Failed to load texture: minecraft:textures/models/armor/witherite_layer_2.png"

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I do not know how to move the textures into withercraft and from the minecraft folder. Please help me. I have solved this issue before and I know that it is not to hard solve, but it has been a while and I did not document how I fixed it.

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1 hour ago, kiou.23 said:

post the complete log, and say what you want to accomplish in a clearer and more objective way



The textures are not loading in the world. It is a problem caused by the textures being in the "minecraft" (minecraft:textures/models/armor/witherite_layer_2.png"), but I do not know how to solve this issue

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I have solved the problem and I am posting the solution in case anyone else needs help.

You always want to check the ENTIRE log, because I found this series of logging: 


This told me that I had to create another series of directories in "models". One called "Item", the other called "Block"

After moving all files into their respective places, the code ran fine

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