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[SOLVED][1.16] How to stop resetting nbt when player dies?

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I have a class of items called Ragnarok_Cards. My ideia was creating the item Loot_Box with would spawn a random already seen card.

For that I was registering in nbt of player every time he pickup a card. But when the player dies, the nbt is reset.

How I can stop the nbt from resetting?
( Or if this is not the proper way of storing extra data of the player, what is the right one?)


Ragnarok_Card: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/main/src/main/java/ragnarok_cards/Items/RagnarokCard.java

Pickup event: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/main/src/main/java/ragnarok_cards/Events/PickUp.java

Loot_Box: https://github.com/GustavoSasaki/Ragnarok-Cards/blob/main/src/main/java/ragnarok_cards/Items/LootBox.java

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  • @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(Dist.CLIENT) - This is not what you want. Why are you doing this only on the client?
  • When using Entity#getPersistentData you must store your data in a sub-compound namespaced by your Mod ID to avoid collisions. This is a global data dump where all mods have shared access to. A better option would be to use capabilities. Additionally, if you want the data to persist across respawns for players you must store the data in the PlayerEntity.PERSISTED_NBT_TAG sub compound. Again, a capability would be a better option.
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  • theagente00g changed the title to [SOLVED][1.16] How to stop resetting nbt when player dies?

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