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  1. @admiralmattbar In the Client Proxy i've registered the render like this RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityGranade.class, new EntityGranadeFactory()); Then i've created the factory class public class EntityGranadeFactory implements IRenderFactory<EntityGranade>{ @Override public Render<? super EntityGranade> createRenderFor(RenderManager manager) { return new RenderSnowball<EntityGranade>(manager, MWItems.GRANADE, Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem()); } } where i call the RenderSnowball class passing it the i
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  2. Minecraft offers an option to reload resource packs while using the key combination SHIFT + F3 + T. In many cases one wants to adjust how the model looks in any of the rendering types (firstperson_righthand, gui, etc). If one modifies the original JSON file that has the transform information in the IDE and presses SHIFT + F3 + T in Minecraft, nothing happens. One has to recompile everything and start again Minecraft to see the changes. But that is only because one is modifying the source and not the resource JSON that Minecraft is loading into memory. If you modify the one that is being loaded
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