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  2. "When I asked in the official Discord server, I got told that Forge can't do anything about it. If that is true, who should I contact and again, why isn't anyone else experiencing this?"
  3. no idea, you can try github or discord
  4. what did you mean by 'don’t see init registring'? does it work? did you get the same error again?
  5. No worries! I was looking for something that will periodically bold and unbold green text. But anything specific isn't really needed. An example would be best!
  6. okay sorry about that😅, then define "animated", did you mean the color, font type (bold), ...?
  7. I was getting aan error, but now I've fixed it!!! My git repo: https://github.com/daekgorsel/ArmorPlusGit
  8. You seem to have missed the point of the question. I want an animated tooltip not an animated item texture which can be easily done. 😄
  9. Not at all the same issue. Refer to the Optifine downloads page regarding compatibility with Forge.
  10. Today
  11. Thank you I don’t see init registring
  12. I have the same issue, whenever I try to add optifine to the forge 1.17.1 version minecraft crashes, please fix
  13. Already tried all of the specified above multiple times. Where can I report this issue? Github?
  14. Hi, I want to create a new Recipe Type for my mod. It should use the same fuel as a furnace. I already did some research but got more and more confused. So I decided to ask for help here. It would be nice if someone could fork my code and do a pull request: https://github.com/DasHeinzchen/MoreOres/tree/v._1.1 The recipe itself should work like the one of the furnace, just for the Crusher. Explanations how it works to create Recipe Types can be posted down below, too. (Or as comments at the code)
  15. I haven't put build.gradle, etc. on github, I also use .git/info/exclude instead of .gitignore since it's only local restrictions; only the src folder is published, I can upload the other files too. I don't have permission from the original author, since there is no way to contact him for >2 years, I can pull the deobf from github and just leave the jar there, but it is there only for reference as I am going to rewrite it not port it. Currently only the name of both mods is the same.
  16. Hey, sorry, I hadn't seen that it was an English forum! I looked a bit for an item container to make a backpack but I couldn't find any documentation... Thank for your help!
  17. Hi guys, I've got an issue when starting minecraft after installing forge (latest 37 minor version or previous). Attached to the thread you can find the logs file. However, it seems that it can't download the file 1.17.json from S3. Is it an origin issue? Or it's something related to java? [12:50:07 ERROR]: Couldn't download resources java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/indexes/1.17.json My java version is: 16.0.2 (but I also tried with 16.0.1). Launching java parameters are the defa
  18. I installed the Server using the forge-1.17.1-37.0.13-installer.jar from the Forge files website. The first issue I encountered was attempting to install the server in a folder on my desktop, while the .jar installer file was still in my Downloads folder. The issue was resolved by moving the .jar installer to my desktop (same area as the folder it's extracting files into). Second issue (the one I can't fix), is that when attempting to run the server, it would state that it "Could not find or load the main class @user_jvm_args.txt" though the file was right there in the same folder a
  19. Does it work with a vanilla server? Note that third party "control panels" and such are not supported, so you'll have to speak to them for issues.
  20. I'm running a forge 1.16.5-36.1.35 server on pterodactyl (java11 docker container). When I try to issue a command the server ignores me both when I send it to the pterodactyl console and when I manually send it to the container (docker attach and docker exec commands). How can i fix this?
  21. I know. But while searching for other ways around me crashing, there was a lot of places saying you only need to remove older versions of OptiFine.. They're literaly everywhere, lol.
  22. Hello, I have a Debian 11 distribution Linux proxmox.local 5.10.0-8-amd64 # 1 SMP Debian 5.10.46-2 (2021-07-20) x86_64 GNU / Linux ~ $ java --version openjdk 11.0.12 2021-07-20 LTS OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.12 + 7-LTS) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.12 + 7-LTS, mixed mode) and when I run forge version 37.0.13 with minecraft 1.17.1, the launcher will restart automatically without running the game. debug.log
  23. I must've struck gold if the recommendation is to use access transformers. Thanks.
  24. Voygle Network _______________________________________ Voygle Network was previously established in 2014 with another name, We're making our network alive again in 2021. We offer 4 different types of minigames as Skywars, Bedwars, Among Us, and Factions. Join now: mc.voygle.net Website: voygle.net Discord: voygle.net/discord %75 OFF for all packages (Limited Time 3Days) _______________________________________ Want to help out ? we are open for staff application via discord
  25. Make your own thread and post details.
  26. This has always been the case. Mods only work for a specific version of Minecraft.
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