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  1. import net.minecraft.init.Blocks; should be: import net.minecraft.block.Blocks;
  2. hi... i tried to migrate my files to .208, but after running genIntellijRuns gradle Task the IDE says "Class 'net.minecraftforge.userdev.LaunchTesting' not found in module" in the edit Run configuration window... I tried this with .193, .205, .207 and ist working with all this forge versions… they load the libraries much longer then .208 too (About 3-5mins, but 208 just 20sec) do i missed something or doin something wrong? i create my mod Folder, copy the files (gradle.bat, gradlew, build.gradle, gradle/) into it... Import Project (build.gradle) with intellij… copy paste my src Folder, run the gradle genIntellijRuns Task, change the "use classpath of module" to "mymod.main" for runClient and runServer… thats it,,, normally my mod is now playable in the dev mc and the gradlew build is working too...
  3. hi, i want to build a block, that hostile mobs dont want to cross… is there a possibility to change the pathNodeType in relation to the Entity what is collided with this block? getAiPathNodeType() in relation to onEntityCollidedWithBlock() does not work
  4. "Are you sure that that is the only entry for "biomeName"?" is sufficient I should have paid attention to your signature... issue fixed, thanks all and have a nice weekend
  5. ok, i get the SRG name from http://export.mcpbot.bspk.rs/ fields.csv (biomeName = field_185412_a) now i am using String[] fieldName = {"biomeName", "field_185412_a"}; Field f = ReflectionHelper.findField(Biome.class, fieldName); biomeName = (String) f.get(biomeInstance); in the ide everything is fine, in the actual game the launcher dont crashes anymore and log isnt freezing, but still java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: field_185412_a
  6. thank you, I will take a look at it
  7. hi, I build a method to get the biome name on server side while world generation: private static String getBiomeName(World world, int chunkX, int chunkZ) { String biomeName = "unknown"; Biome biomeInstance = world.getBiome(new BlockPos(chunkX * 16, 0, chunkZ * 16)); String field = "biomeName"; try { Object value = ReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(Biome.class, biomeInstance, field); biomeName = (String) value; } catch (Exception e) { Logger.log(Level.ERROR, "Problem loading value from field " + field, e); } return biomeName; } when i am run mc server/client in my intellj ide everthings is working well, but after compiling in normal minecraft forge, same version like forge mdk, or newer versions, the launcher crashes and the console freezes. sometimes i get infos befor freeze, that says the biomeName field in (Biome.class) does not exist... i dont know how to fix, because in the ide is no issue while running... i am using the biomeName to generate ores in specific biomes (like more gold in vanilla mesa or emeralds in extreme hills) I would be grateful if someone helped me to find out what i am diong wrong using reflection to get the biome name on server side. thanks!
  8. in 1.13, the flattening, metadata will remove. so we can use more then 16 block variants. I like it very much, so I can finish my ore-addition-mod in a more elegant way. but how will the new system work? is there any information out now? or does some of the reality controller guys here knowing something? any ideas? will there be a posibility to create the new block "variants" automatically or do we have to hardcode every block?
  9. hi, I tried to change the material, but its still the stone sound, but I need the grass sound for my custom hay bale... whats the matter? there is nothing to find on the internet... thanks for any help
  10. thx... but I solved the problem... the Item was hidden in wierd naming and meta data *g* first I thought, the{ "item": "modid:itemname"} format in the json recipe only works for the own items and foreign items only could called with oredict.... but I was wrong... try and error ftw
  11. hi, how can I use an item (without oredict) from an other mod in my recipes? or exists a way to register foreign items in the oredictionary?
  12. i am sure... ok i am using but it does exactly what it is supposed to do for this block... or what do you mean?
  13. ok, thanks, I thought the method getItemDropped() in Block.class is not affected by HarvestDropsEvent works fine...
  14. i am creating a mod to generate all the ores... so i need to change the behavior of the vanilla ones or replace these with my own ones... for example the ore should drop cobble and nuggets, thats not the problem, the prob is, i cant prevent the ores of gold and iron to drop (this) (thats should only done with silktouch)... how can i override the setItemDropped method in Block.class or replace Item.getItemFromBlock(this) with Item.getItemFromBlock(Blocks.COBBLESTONE) without changing the original class? if this isnt possible, how can i replace the vanilla ores with custom ores, at the moment i am searching for a way to remove vanilla ores from the block registry... but all i find is outdated... thanks for any help
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