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  1. Yes, I once joined a mod server without any mods on my client. There was no error.
  2. I also tried using LAN from a singleplayer world and using my other account to logon using It had the same message. I think its my Forge Mod Loader.
  3. Yes, but I think Forge Mod Loader is suppost to load the files up onto the client for well it is on the server.
  4. I have installed the Forge 1.12.2 server and client. I runned the server with no mods, it worked. I added the mod "SecurityCraft" made for Forge 1.12.2, 1.12.1, and 1.12 to the server mods folder. I runned it with my client that doesn't have the mod added. It says this on the console "[19:08:39] [Netty Server IO #1/INFO] [FML]: Client protocol version 2 [19:08:39] [Netty Server IO #1/INFO] [FML]: Client attempting to join with 5 mods : minecraft@1.12.2,mercurius_updater@1.0,FML@,forge@,mcp@9.42 [19:08:39] [Netty Server IO #1/INFO] [FML]: Attempting connection with missing mods [securitycraft] at CLIENT [19:08:39] [Netty Server IO #1/INFO] [FML]: Rejecting connection CLIENT: [FMLMod:securitycraft{v1.8.2.3-hotfix}] [19:08:39] [Netty Server IO #1/ERROR] [FML]: Network Disconnect: Mod rejections [FMLMod:securitycraft{v1.8.2.3-hotfix}] [19:08:39] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.network.NetHandlerPlayServer]: Officer_Nate lost connection: Mod rejections [FMLMod:securitycraft{v1.8.2.3-hotfix}]" I tried duplicating the mod's .jar file, moving it to the client mod folder, and renaming it back to "SecurityCraft-Mod-1.12.1"(It works with 1.12.2) Now I can join the server with no error and use the mod with the configurations that I have already. I think it's the Forge Mod Loader default mod that is not working. latest.log
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