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  1. I want the bounding box to be visible to the entity the player is looking at. But the bounding box is displayed to me. How do I display this to entity? This is my code: @SubscribeEvent public void renderWorldLastEvent(RenderWorldLastEvent event) { if (Minecraft.getMinecraft().objectMouseOver.entityHit != null) { renderEntityBox(Minecraft.getMinecraft().objectMouseOver.entityHit, event.getPartialTicks()); } } void renderEntityBox(Entity entity, float PartialTicks) { AxisAlignedBB boundingBox = entity.getEntityBoundin
  2. Thank you Although not related to the above, Do you know how to damage to player?
  3. Hi, modder. I want to make the player execute server commands. player.getServer().getCommandManager().executeCommand(player.getCommandSenderEntity(), "/cold"); So I wrote the above code. Then I tested it. However, when I put mod into the server and client and run it, the server has no problem, but the client has the following Ticking Entity problem. https://pastebin.com/HDcwGrut The line 148 of the EventHandler pointed to by "at kr.guebeul.hertz.util.handler.EventHandler.playerevent (EventHandler.java:148)" is the same as above code. Here is the "play
  4. I know that "addItemStackToInventory" adds specific items to the inventory. Conversely, how do I remove certain items from my inventory? (version 1.12.2)
  5. As the title suggests, I am looking for ways to change the image (layout) of the player inventory. I am amateur but I would like to try it. (Please understand my terrible English) Once in the player inventory, I want to leave only 9 hot bars, a player render, and Armor render. I would also like to include information such as health and food. ( Number 1 in the picture below ) Here is a concrete image created in this way. Can you help me please? I use version 1.12.2.
  6. This means that the player's head is displayed on the screen.
  7. Hi. How can I display the player's head on the screen? I thought about using https://minotar.net/ . Now I want to display this through Gui Overlay. Can you help me?
  8. Hello everyone. I am developing in 1.12.2. Could you tell me how to change the background image(Include Edge) of the chat box, and how to change the location of the chat box? Sorry, but please teach me.
  9. You can not ask questions below version 1.8? It's really important that it is ...
  10. You can not ask questions below version 1.8? It's really important that it is ...
  11. Hi, I'm going to ask a question. I'm implementing the player's movements through the Obsidian API. But there was a problem.. 1. first person 2. Third person In this way, the player is invisible when you are in third person, and it emits the following error. (Repeat continuously) [13:36:21] [Client thread/ERROR]: Couldn't render entity java.lang.NullPointerException at obsidianAPI.render.player.ModelAnimatedPlayer.setRotationAngles(ModelAnimatedPlayer.java:62) ~[ModelAnimatedPlayer.class:?] at obsidianAPI.render.ModelObj.render(ModelObj.java:355) ~[ModelObj
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