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  1. Steps:
    1. Start a terminal and type: sudo su.
    2. Determine the folder in which Java is installed. To do this, enter: which java.
    3. Now, to install JAVA_HOME for all users, edit the bash.bashrc file
    4. At the end of the file, enter the following lines (one after the other):
    Line 1: JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun
    Line 2: export JAVA_HOME
    Line 4: export PATH
    5. Close terminal, then open it again and type: echo $JAVA_HOME; a new path will be displayed.
    6. Enter: java –version to find out the version of Java installed.
    If you still have problems with installation, you can get java assignment help and contact an expert with your question. Also, don't enter the path displayed by the which java command. Instead, type:

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