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  1. How to install universal forge? Do I add stuff to a version's jar?
  2. supported by most mods (next to 1.6.4) and has multiple cauldron versions
  3. thanks for wasting my time found it on their github.
  4. why would I if there's a version I'm fully happy with?
  5. I'm not looking for support but for a way to know where things are registered so I can add it manually or if there is a possibility to get a version without removed code
  6. 1.7.10 is in my personal opinion the best version as im not happy with the changes Mojang has made to the game since then. I guess you could use 1.8 but there's no cauldron for that version.
  7. starting as more like a personal project but I'm using a lot of spout code so I guess I'm combining forge and spout on 1.7.10. simply because I'm trying to make a mmorpg based on minecraft
  8. well ik it's not needed for forge miss but I wanna make something for modpack developers based on forge
  9. Where can I get forge source download links that contain Minecraft Coder Pack?
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