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  1. iam stoping it from rendering the player model now how do i make it render my model @SubscribeEvent public void preRenderPlayer(RenderPlayerEvent.Pre event) { event.setCanceled(true); }
  2. nothing works can you tell me another way to do it
  3. not really anyways make my model a child of biped body and in the event just say ModelCustomArmour model = new ModelCustomArmour(); model.bipedBody.showModel = true;
  4. i never said write my code for me there is a difference between an example and writing my code
  5. iam trying to give the player hair where he can switch it on and off so i have to give the player a custom model but if i can instead somehow change the biped model that would be great or maybe have it like a 3d armor anything that works just how
  6. no you don't just tell me what i need to write in the if statement
  7. oh sorry but what is tickevent#phase and do you accept ?
  8. this is it also GuiMenu is the gui class also if my code didn't work out is it possible to take my code and make it work out and give it to me but i think that would be asking for too much
  9. iam sorry if i sound extra stuped it's because if you can't tell iam new to forge but what do you mean by registering it
  10. when i said script i meant class give me an exmaple please
  11. i allready tried that didn't work so if i had a mod only for this it would be like the keybinding script and the gui script and in the pre init in the main script
  12. it's a gui button so all i do is just say if(keybind-ispressed) minecraft#displayguiscreen ? this is my script
  13. it's a gui button so all i do is just say if(keybind-ispressed) minecraft#displayguiscreen ?
  14. so i have been looking for a tutorial for that but everyone is expecting you to have a block/item to show the gui i just want to press a button i allready made the texture and the keybind just need to know how to make a gui not a container also how to add buttons
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