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  1. Im so stupid lol, i had forge installed but i was launching it without forge i was launching it with the minecraft server button instead of forge button, im stupid, thanks for the support anyways
  2. What Do You Mean? Do I need Something Else In Order For It To Work? And it is a Vanilla Server
  3. The main thing i want is Tree Chopper So thats the main thing i want to figure out
  4. @diesieben07 Dont mind the blue highlight but thats the log right when i start it up.
  5. Hello, so i am looking to add some forge 1.12.2 scripts in, and im trying to add simple logic and tree chopper but they do not work server sided. i added it to my mods folder. It works client side, im hosting my server off a VPS, Server runs fine, other mods are fine such as Journey Map, Inventory Tweaks. But i cant seem to get the others to work! Do they go under a differnet folder or something?
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