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  1. Packet Send/Recieve events, multiple people have already requested that they get added here on the forums with negative responses. And its not just that, its that Ill be able to add any events I like without waiting for new forge versions and unsupporting all old versions.
  2. Events only get you so far. Currently I'm trying to add custom events for packet send/recieving by adding mixins to the NetworkManager, but there's plenty more opportunities that mixins will open up.
  3. I've just setup mixins in my project however upon running my mod within my IDE (IntelliJ) it crashes with a nosuchmethod error. This seems to be linked with the guava library not being found I guess? I've cleaned the project multiple times, restarted my IDE and run build and buildNeeded, yet this still happens. I can build the project and run it as a mod in minecraft without any errors however the mixins don't actually apply. I'd really appreciate any help, thanks. [15:58:59] [main/ERROR]: Unable to launch java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: null at sun.reflect.Native
  4. Like I said in the second part of my post is there a way to perhaps each tick fetch the packets that have been handled that tick?
  5. Hi, just wondering if there are any events that are triggered once a packet is sent/recieved? There are many things that I would like to do with this functionality, such as measuring a servers tickrate based on counting the frequency of server update packets. If these events do not exist, is there another way to do it like each tick seeing each packet that is going to be sent during that tick? Thanks
  6. I don’t get why this community is so toxic. @diesieben07 locked my thread without giving me a chance to reply. (Thread for ref: ) I don’t get why the thread was locked. The discussion wasn’t finished. By hacked client I’m talking about a forge mod that allows you to gain an advantage only on servers where it is allowed, specifically 2b2t in which hacking is allowed. So it actually is allowed by minecrafts eula. Also I provide extensive support to all users through discord and most obfuscation software provide tools to deobfuscate the stack traces, which I would b
  7. It’s a hacked client for anarchy servers that includes very unique and complicated techniques to exploit anti cheats, work that I wouldn’t like to be copied. The hacked client community is much less respectful than the general modding community which is why obfuscation is a must.
  8. Thieves do care about my source because they can steal the code and pass it off as their own. And I am protecting the usage of the jar through hwid checking however that is redundant without obfuscation.
  9. Can you recommend a way of obfuscating the jar then?
  10. Could someone point me towards any guides on how to obfuscate forge mods, or give me some of their advice? Ive tried ZKM, Stringer and Proguard and neither work, I'm assuming because the forge classpath is not very easily available to them. And before I get the brigade of people saying "Dont do that" and not being at all helpful, I dont want to have my code stolen. I think thats understandable. I produce many examples of pieces of my code for others to learn from, but Im not gonna release my entire code base to anyone with a decompiler.
  11. Im using intellij. How do I do that? Other than downloading the forge src ofc.
  12. Thank you very much @Animefan8888, that seems to be what I was looking for. I was using https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/h777x7ugherqs0w/forgeevents.html to find events, do you know any better alternatives as that didn't include clientchatevent?
  13. Is there an event that is run each time the player sends a chat message? (Clients side). I want to append some text to each message that is sent by the user. Thanks.
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