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  1. Thanks, Looks like it was the Zip manager, ive uninstalled it and its updated no problem now
  2. this is what I downloaded, it juat downloads it with 8zip and opens it up with that too
  3. Ive downloaded the 1.16.4 version (Currently running 1.14) and ive got the zip file, what do I actually do with it now to install it as it doesnt bring up an install button or pop up or and tutorials im finding are for first forge install not updates.
  4. Amazing, that has fixed it straight away. Thank you !
  5. I have read a few tutorials and watched a few tutorial videos, all seem to suggest that when i download the file from https://files.minecraftforge.net/ and click to download the installer, i should get a button on my desktop, to click to install Forge. I dont get this, and if i open whats downloaded its opening it like a read me file, full of subfiles and nothing I can see in there is actually for installing. Minecrft is up to date, Java is up to date. Even if i click the downloaded file in the browser and try something like "open with" it wont let me select Java from there. Am I doing it
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