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  1. IT WORKED It take me in the forge profile all of you are the best of the world for support
  2. Ah wait a sec my mistake that was the foto of the copy I keep in my pen drive sorry I take this copy cause one time (when I was on my old windows) I accidentally delete the Minecraft folder so I keep a copy called Minecraft 2 I copy the folder every Monday sorry ?
  3. But that's is the folder the launcher uses, when I buy Minecraft and install it, the folder was called Minecraft
  4. Is it something bad did the name of the folder change corrupted minecraft?! And forge doesn't work for that?!
  5. Yes I Know I called like that cause my friend make me a bad joke so for not loosing minecraft I call it 2 so I can recognize it
  6. I make forge install in the same folder fo the game this one and I also created the mod folder
  7. HOLD IT I think there's a problem with the launcher! S-See this, this is the launcher_profiles.json there's the presence of Forge but in the launcher there's not
  8. W-Wait maybe this can help you? There's the folder of forge in the Minecraft files
  9. It was closed when I install forge I knew the launcher must be closed if want to download forge
  10. Then I tried to create one myself but there isn't the forge version
  11. Ehm guys I'm really be a nuisance but I don't find the forge profile neither if I create on there's no the option like I see in YT videos and my friend Mac,
  12. That's the problem? My friend who install forge with Mac say to me to install the Universal well I try thanks
  13. If you don't know some words in Italian (cause I'm Italian) you can ask
  14. Nothing I click the icon and appears this if I try to open up from terminal it says permission denied
  15. But THAT'S is the problem the installer doesn't run I say to me this error message
  16. Also that didn't work out iI'm really sorry to bother you leandrocaruso@Air-di-Leandro ~ % /Users/leandrocaruso/Downloads/forge-1.15.2-31.1.0-universal.jar zsh: permission denied: /Users/leandrocaruso/Downloads/forge-1.15.2-31.1.0-universal.jar
  17. Thank you I don't know very much of that commands thank you
  18. Sorry again to bother all of you but I do like you say but in the terminal says some help? leandrocaruso@Air-di-Leandro ~ % java -jar /path/to/forgeinstaller.jar Error: Unable to access jarfile /path/to/forgeinstaller.jar
  19. Ok lo proverò se non funziona ti dispiace se ti chiedo
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