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  1. But Where did I get the Launcher, the installer doesn't work so...
  2. I'm trying from the installer and wait there's the launcher? I should install the installer or the launcher in this case
  3. No, forge doesn't install when I try to install it it appears the message In the photo
  4. Ehm sorry to bother you but it appear the same message of before I install it but nothing changed
  6. It was so easy? Wow but One question, Minecraft for run needs Java but I run Minecraft perfectly it's only a thing of Forge that needs Java Hotspot 8? And I need it forever or only for the installer? If is a Yes I Thank all of you for supporting I really thank you all
  7. But I don't have java installed, I know for macOS Catalina (This one I use) have java incorporated but... the firsts time I wanted to open the forge first of this it says to me to install JDK I don't know if is it important for help me but I say to you all anyway
  8. I tried some other commands that now I don't remember but all of them the terminal says "Permission Denied"
  9. Yes it says "impossible the file .JAR Java "forge-1.15.2-31.1.0-launcher.jar" See the console for possible error message" buuuut in the console there's nothing written
  10. At me when I tried to install it doesn't appear the installer I cannot choose anything (sorry for responding you now)
  11. Yes but I cannot install them I say the 1.10.2 because it's the only one my Mac open and make me install the other say me "impossible to open"
  12. 1.15.2 but I found a mod I wanted that not work with that so I saw the 1.15.2 didn't work I tried to install the 1.10.2 the version of the mod supported so I think I want install both if is it possible if is not only the 1.10.2 I thank you now for the support You all are giving me
  13. I tried the 1.15.2 and that doesn't work neither the 1.15 in general. Only the 1.10.2 works and here's the problem
  14. P.S. I'm from Mac specifically macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (19E266) P.S. Vengo da Mac, in particolare macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (19E266)
  15. Mi dispiace interrompervi tutti ma ho un problema ... La mia barra della casella di installazione è bloccata nello stesso spazio per circa 1 o 2 ore se qualcuno potesse aiutarmi Sarò grato, ringrazio tutti ora I'm sorry to interrupt you all but I have a problem... My installation box bar is blocked in the same space for like 1 or 2 hour if someone could help me I will be Grateful, I Thank you now
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