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  1. 2 minutes ago, ImpoliteSand868 said:

    how would I load it to eclipse?

    So, there's a reason that IntelliJ is recommended: Eclipse's gradle implementation is less than ideal. If you're still interested in using eclipse, take a look at a tutorial on importing gradle projects in eclipse.
    Just know that most of us use IntelliJ, so it's gonna be tough to find much specific information on using Eclipse with forge.

  2. What it says on the tin.
    I've got forge installed properly, every other part of modding works fine, but none of the extended property objects exist.
    Were they removed at some point and the forge docs just never got updated?
    I've done some searching in my IDE, none of them are used anywhere in any of the forge code, the symbol isn't being defined anywhere, there are no files with those names, nothing.

  3. OK, let's say you were in a position where you *weren't* more inclined to chastise me for code style than actually do anything to help:
    where, pray tell, would I be expected to be able to find a copy of the vanilla minecraft code for defining blocks, when the entire reason that forge exists is that minecraft code is obfuscated to the point of being impossible to work with?

  4. (Code repository to be referenced: https://github.com/codycoolwaffle/Steamworks )
    I've created a simple block (following the docs, file src/main/java/waffletopia/steamworks/common/block/ore.java)
    whenever I launch the development client, I get a pair of warnings:

    [00:59:48] [Server-Worker-4/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Exception loading blockstate definition: 'steamworks:blockstates/ore_zinc.json' missing model for variant: 'steamworks:ore_zinc#'
    [00:59:48] [Server-Worker-4/WARN] [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Exception loading blockstate definition: 'steamworks:blockstates/ore_zinc.json' in resourcepack: 'Mod Resources': Neither 'variants' nor 'multipart' found

    This would be fine, but my code doesn't define *any* variants, especially not one named #.
    I get a java.io.FileNotFound exception instead if I don't include a blockstates/ore_zinc.json file, and even then, no texture appears on the block.

    In case it's of any relevance, the BlockItem for the zinc ore block *does* successfully find and use the texture that I supplied for it.


    Any thoughts?

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