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  1. Or you know how to download server-1.16.1-extra.jar and server-1.16.1-slim.jar from somewhere else.
  2. Renaming wont work since the .cache implies that the download was terminated prematurely, so the file is corrupt.
  3. I checked and the download on those those files seems to fail since they are there, but with .cache appended.
  4. Hi, used Minecraft 1.16.1 and forge-1.16.1-32.0.7-installer.jar on Ubuntu 20.04. Tried different openjdk versions from 8-14, none worked. Minecraft was running once, stopped via console, this was a fresh install. My install command : java -jar forge-1.16.1-32.0.7-installer.jar --installServer the part where it fails : Data io/netty/internal/ Processor failed, invalid outputs: /home/regnator/mc/./libraries/net/minecraft/server/1.16.1/server-1.16.1-slim.jar Expected: 6cbe49c4d26497791d1d511c2d3b7d1fa46fa2e9 Actual: 3f1b64c684df16a25e6c44079b06ac12131db572 /home/regnator/mc/./libraries/net/minecraft/server/1.16.1/server-1.16.1-extra.jar Expected: 79ed2a48582a58ce917a04344c35c9c9abb557e2 Actual: 501b61ed1857f6452fe36a5faaf1265d38999c6f full logs : https://privatebin.net/?29f4d24ddf99dcf7#4ykHNhbSaNdwNfu2HEzyrUgUp9dw4527zrCXdqx43d1r EDIT: Still fails with forge-1.16.1-32.0.14-installer
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